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Incredible app with fantastic support

I'm a skeptic when it comes to apps. Since there weren't many reviews for this app I was reluctant to spent $9.99. I emailed the developer to see if there was a trial version. He or she gave me options for the classic version which I was unaware of. Because of their detailed response I knew it wasn't a "canned" email. I am a residential painting contractor and know if this works-and it does, I'll make my money back 10 times over on the first use. I purchased the app, and checked my newly painted window trim. It immediately popped up the manufacturer, name, ID number of the color and the colorants. I was and am blown away. Later that day I used it to check some paint we just had matched the prior week. Incredibly, it showed a few minor color ticks away from what the paint should be. So, the app did it's job and told me why the color we matched (prior to the app) was REALLY close, but not perfect. Next time it will save me well over $100 and increase customer satisfaction. This app is a game changer. It's not tucked away in a folder on the third page of my iPhone. In one day it earned a spot without a folder on my first page. Designers, contractors, remodelers, DIYers and anyone else that needs to match paint. This will more than pay for itself on the first use. I couldn't be more impressed and haven't even made time to go through what looks like a thorough/intuitive guided tour. Delete the other paint apps; this one is the real deal.


As a designer, I find myself using PaintPro in many ways: I can send a color idea to a client, take photos while on location so I can compare to manufacturers' color swatches after I return to my studio and it's also a great tool to easily communicate with other professionals----with a quick search, I can email them all the info they need so we can be looking at the same reference materials. Quite brilliant! I look forward to trying other apps developed by Figure8; hopefully they will be geared to the creative professional as well.

Amazing, fun app for $2!

I love what is for me the core feature in this app: take a photo, select the part of the photo with the color you're interested in, and a few seconds later you've got it Identified (or closest match) by all major manufacturers. Very cool. Highly recommended.

Does one thing really well

I like Paint Pro, because it helps you find and compare paint colors. There aren't a bunch of extra useless features, and I like that. It's a simple tool that works really well and stays focused on its primary function. Thanks for solving a problem simply and elegantly. You eliminated a few days of doubt and indecision and endless trips to the paint stores. I'm painting the bedroom only a few hours after using Paint Pro. Thumbs up!

Paint Pro takes the guesswork out of painting

Easy to use. Loved that it gave the ability to choose which of the paint manufacturers you wanted.

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